Fun video gallery

This page will feature videos that don’t pertain to cars.
Pure fun random videos that we think some people may want to see.
The videos are very large so please right-click and save to your computer.


See the pictures from this concert here–> Gallery.


Kaiser Permanente San Francisco

Dragon Boat Festival videos.

September 22nd and 23rd. Pictures are in the gallery.

KG Gold seeding.MPG

KG Blue seeding.MPG

KG Gold Semi.MPG

KG Blue Semi 1st.MPG

KG Gold Finals.MPG

KG Blue Finals 2nd.MPG

KG Gold Consolation.MPG

KG Masters.MPG

KG Womens race.MPG

Kill Kill Kill!!!.MPG

Overall Finals.MPG

Our club member Sean in the Nisei Week Tofu Eating Contest.

Tofu Eating Contest.


Pictures from their 2007
west coast tour

Bleach03: Highland Park and Glendale


Bleach03 videos from their performances on Nov. 15th and 16th 2005

3 girls from Okinawa. These girls kicked ass!!!! Please visit their website at

Bleach pics 2005.

Please right click and save to your computer.

bleachmov01.MPG 5.7Mb   Odoru Kubi (Dancing Head)

bleachmov02.MPG 39.4 MB

bleachmov03.MPG 20 MB

bleachmov04.MPG 14.1Mb

Canary Teikoku  No Gyakushuu (Canary Empire Strikes Back)

bleachmov05.MPG 37.4Mb  Shikai No  Haba (Width of  A Field Of View)

bleachmov06.MPG 8.5Mb  Samurai Jungle

Bleachmov07.MPG 61.3 MB


Detriment video from their performance back on 08/10/2004.

These are personal friends of mine and their music is brutal.

Visit their website at

Detriment pics.

Detriment.MPG 184.7Mb